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AM Detentions

AM detentions are issued by teachers for violations of class or school rules.  
Morning detentions are held in room 1504 from 8:00-8:40 AM on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Students should be dropped off and waiting by the front door (S9) for it to automatically unlock at 8 AM. At that time, students will enter the building and go straight to room 1504. Our detention moniotr will be present to process student forms and supervise the students during detention.
Students assigned to morning detentions should report  on time with a parent-signed detention form and should be prepared with assignments to work on throughout the session. Failure to meet these conditions means that a student cannot serve and the detention will be counted as a skip. Misbehavior or lack of cooperation during a detention will result in the student being removed from the session and will also be considered a skip regardless of how much time had been served up to that point. 

During the detention, students will be expected to complete a reflective writing and will be allowed to use the remainder of the time to complete school assignments in a setting similar to Study Hall. 

First skip – Reassignment of AM detention (once per year.) Exception: AM detention that originated from a skipped lunch detention

Second/Third skip – Saturday School

Fourth skip or more – In-School Suspension