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Vaccines Needed for 7th Grade Entry

Ohio Revised Code section 3701.12 and 3313.671 calls for students entering the 7th grade to obtain a tetanus, diptheria, and acellular pertussis vaccine (Tdap) and Meningitis vaccine. Therefore, your current sixth grader will need to show proof of having received these vaccines before they return to school in August. Please take this notice to your physician and return the completed information to your middle school nurse.

Immunizations are also available at the Greene County Health Department at minimal or no cost. You may call them at (937)374-5668 for the office hours. Students must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Please note:  The Ohio Dept. of Health is no longer accepting the Td vaccine in place of the Tdap vaccine starting school year 2013-14.  Please have your doctor check with the Ohio Dept. of Health if they are not aware of this change!!!

If your 6th grader gets immunizations while at a doctor appointment please provide documentation to the school clinic.  Many doctors administer the Tdap and Meningitis immunizations during routine check ups.