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Posture Screening in Middle School

Our middle school students are scheduled to have posture screenings during the month of February.  The screening is done by a Dayton Children's Medical Center Orthopaedic Registered Nurse specially trained in the screening process (Molly Depoorter, RN)
The screening procedure takes less than one minute and requires the screener look at the student's back with the student standing up and then bent forward in a toe touch position.  The screener looks for the following: 
1) Does the head and base of neck line up with the lower back?
2) Is one shoulder higher than the other? 
3) Is one shoulder blade more prominent than the other?
4) Is there a deeper crease over one side of the waist than the other, or is there a greater distance between the arm and the body on one side or the other? 
5) Does the spine itself appear to curve?
6) Is there assymmetrical contour of the truck and hips?
7) Does the rib cage appear to bulge on one side or the other while the student is bent forward?
We screen the middle school population because they are growing quickly and this is the best time to detect, treat or prevent back problems like scoliosis.  Our screening program is done in partnership with the Dayton Children's Hospital Orthopaedic Department.  If you want to excuse your child from the screening, please send a note to school to the attention of the school nurse or clinic.  If you have any questions about the screenings, please contact the school clinic:  AMS 458-2509 or CMS 458-2533 or