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What Kind of a Student Are You?

To find out what kind of a student you are, read the following 10 questions and put check marks in the spaces that best describe you:  

                                                                       Always      Sometimes      Never


1.  I complete homework assignments.                      _____         _____            _____

2.  I have all necessary materials when I                   _____         _____            _____

      go to class (book, pencil, etc.).

3.  I use the time teachers give us in                        _____         _____            _____

      class to get started on homework.

4.  I take good notes.                                            _____         _____            _____

5.  I ask and answer questions in class.                     _____         _____            _____

6.  I use tricks to memorize information.                    _____          _____            _____

7.  After reading an assignment in a textbook,            _____          _____            _____

      I know what I have read.

8.  I get along well with my teachers.                       _____         _____            _____

9.  I am good at taking tests.                                  _____         _____            _____

10. I am happy with my grades.                               _____         _____            _____
Give yourself 2 points for each ALWAYS response, 1 point for each SOMETIMES response, and 0 for each NEVER response.  Add up your score.
What Your Score Means
20-15 points:  You are a very good student.  This booklet will mostly be a review for you.  It could, however, help you raise your grades event higher.
14-10 points: You are a student who could be getting better grades.  There are tips that can help you.
9-4: You're probably not getting very good grades.  The tips can help you change how you feel about school.
3-0:  Your grades must be a disaster. :-(  We can help. 
How Well Do You Know Yourself?
Think about your study habits as you answer these questions:
1. What time is it when I study now? _______________________________
2. What is the best time for me to study? ______________________________
3. How much time do I spend studying right now? _______________________________
4. How much time do I need every day to study? _________________________________
Here's how I can change my study time: ______________________________________________
5. Where and how do I study now?
   Quiet room ____________
   Radio on ________________
   TV on ________________
   Take a break ______________
   I don't take breaks ________________
6. How would I study best?
   By myself in my room. _______________________   
   Where the family can help. ____________________
   Where it is quiet. ____________________________
Here's how I can change my study habits __________________________________________________
7. What subjects are easy for me?  ______________________________
8. What subjects are hardest for me? _______________________________
Here's what I can do to make my hardest subjects easier ______________________________________________
9. Do I use a calendar / planner to plan my study time?  ____________________________
Here's what I can do to change _____________________________________
10. Do I ask for help when I need it? _________________________________________
Here's what I can do to change ___________________________________________________