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7 Ways to Organize Your Materials

Have you ever left your homework at school?  Have you ever lost a book? If so, keep reading. You'll find seven helpful ways to organize your materials so you don't forget!
1.  Use an assignment notebook? Planner? It's great for:
  • Writing down each homework assignment 
  • Remembering which books to take home 
  • Remembering to do all your homework

2.  Use one binder for your class notes? Here are some tips:

  • Put the date on each page. Then you'll know when you took your notes. 
  • Use the three-ring binder with tab dividers for different subjects. Then all your notes for all your subjects will be in one place.

3.  Do you code your notebooks, textbooks, and workbooks? A color or design code will help you find all your books in your locker. Then you won't forget to take anything home!  Here's how to use a code:

  • If you use a three-ring binder, color or design-code the tab dividers to match your textbook andworkbook for each subject. 
  • Be sure to label each tab with the subject name

If you use a different notebook for each subject:

  • Choose a color or special design for each subject. Use one color or design on each notebook, textbook, and work book for that subject. Then, all your books for English will look the same; all your books for Math will look the same, etc. 
  • If you choose a special design for each subject, cover your textbook with brown grocery bag paper. Draw the design for that subject on the cover. Also write the subject name on the brown cover, such as ENGLISH.  Draw the same design on that subjects' notebook and workbook and label them.   
  • If you choose a color for each subject, cover your textbook and workbook with colored paper.  Make your notebook the same color.  If you don't have colored paper, use brown grocery bag paper. Then, use markers to give you the color you chose.
4.  Do you keep your papers your teachers return to you? These papers can really help you.
  • They can help you review for tests. 
  • They can help you write reports.
  • Put them in subject folders that are coded the same as your other books. 
  • File the papers by date.

5.  How do you carry your books to school?  

  • If you use a back pack or book bag, clean it out every day.  That way, you won't lose your books or your homework.
  • If you don't use a backpack, make sure loose papers are in your notebooks before you go outside.  Books are heavy enough without chasing after papers in the wind!

6.  Do you have identifying information on your books?

Label your books, notebooks, workbooks, assignment notebooks, folders, and your backpack with: 

  • Your name
  • The name of the book
  • The name of the class
  • The period you have the class
  • The name of the teacher
  • The room where the class meets.
7.  Can you find things in your locker? The codes on your books will help.  Here are some other tips.
  • Keep your locker as neat as possibly by throwing junk away each day.
  • If you share a locker, decide which part is yours.  Then you can keep all your books and materialstogether.
  • Use grocery bags, plastic bags, or small cartons to organize your part of a shared locker.
  • Loose paper, pens, books, and folders can turn your locker into a jumbled mess.